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"Audacity, more audacity, always audacity"


We will breach                all legalistic barricades    in your just cause

                                              Internationally known
          for success in tough               litigation for 41 years

         We rise to trials
         We fear no one
       We work day & night
          We think first

          We love the law

         We care about each client

        Your cause is our cause
       We respect people

    We outwork our opponents
We help anyone that needs us

       We do not give up

             TRY US, 




              631-473-1000 LI central     

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About John Ray




       Litigation warhorse 41 years.


One of the best-known lawyers nation-wide.


Fears no judge, bureaucrat, attorney, big firm, government, anyone.


Works 12- 16 hour weekdays, for fair rates.


Words, his firm, law and his family are his whole life. Audacious, creative, serious, dignified, cheerful, professional, relentless.



Deep legal researcher, refined draftsman.


Innumerable reported cases and trials in various fields; many high profile cases,



extremely successful outcomes: state and federal, civil, criminal, commercial, personal injury, civil rights, discrimination, matrimonial, estates, schools, miscellaneous.



Father, family man, intellectual, athlete; intensely dislike successful politicians, use of word "like", uptalking, and joining organizations; 


Still plays lacrosse, goalie 57 years; former semi-pro football player; swimmer: jogger:


History Master's degree, French Revolution devotee.


Insatiable reader,


religious traditionalist;


loves clothes, hats, everyday people, drives Cadillacs.



Homes in Suffolk, NYC, Sweden.



Heroes: Dismas, Mary Magdalene, Gil Hodges, Robert Cardinal Sarah, Thomas More, John Fisher, Danton, Lamartine, Walker Percy, Yeats, Thomas Becket.


Professional opera singer's beloved:


daughter aspiring opera singer, viola player, intellectual and elegant young lady. 


I have represented: the Shannan Gilbert family in the Long Island Serial Killer Gilgo Beach Case;


in Moye v. Longwood case, the African-American students who were racially defamed by a public school teacher;


the well-known school teacher who was fired for a bare-chested selfie photo, Lauren Miranda v. South Country Schools;


and the beach goers who have sued Cardi B and her sister Hennessey Carolina.


My firm has been pivotal in the "Sopranos" alleged organized crime case in New York, the well-known Berrios " witch" trial in federal court,


the Ocean Beach police brutality case,


and the Orr racial discrimination case against a public school.


One of my noteworthy trials, Kaplan v. Chamberlain ( the internationally famous " surrogate parent" custody case in which I successfully represented the father), was a featured two-week trial on Court TV.


My precedent- setting murder case for Keila Pulinario, ( the nationally - known " Rape Trauma Syndrome" case) a young woman who was raped and subsequently killed her rapist, was also a full- length featured trial on Court TV, and was covered nationally.


I am the only attorney in the United States to have had two full- length trials  covered by Court TV.


The Sarra Gilbert murder case was the subject of a season's premiere of People Magazine Discovery ID show.

Because of significant cases I have handled, I have frequently appeared on nationwide and international TV and social media:


48 Hours, Fox News, Discovery Channel, Telemundo, Hardcopy, Current Affair, Inside Edition, People Magazine, ID Discovery, and all major network news shows;


I have appeared as an expert on CNN regarding jury trials,


as a consultant for the New York Post and ABC's Eyewitness News for the Lizzie Grubman case


and the Montel Williams Show on a controversial Maryland case,


and I have been a commentator on Court TV, including on the Menendez brothers' California murder trial.


I have been a key commentator on all major networks regarding the Long Island Serial Killer case and the Sarra Gilbert murder case.


Various other famous cases of my firm have been extensively covered in,


and I have appeared in, the New York Times, Newsday,  New York Post,  Daily News, New York Law Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, People Magazine,


virtually every major national and international news publication, and even a Playboy Magazine investigative feature article regarding a massive Ponzi scheme client,


as well as in other newspapers and journals nationwide and internationally.


My firm's extensive national exposure has been quite helpful in our cases yet our fees are moderate.


We are result- oriented. 


Our clients range from private individuals to major entities.


    We are not comfortable with ourselves

    We are old-fashioned in our beliefs about work

    We win fair and square

Areas of practice and cases



"And how can a man fight better 

 Than facing fearful odds, 

 For the ashes of his fathers 

 And the temples of his Gods?"


John Ray and Associates litigate personal actions in state and federal court. Personal injury cases are a significant area of practice for the firm. Typically, the firm litigates auto accidents, injuries caused by defective products, school-related injuries, slip-and-fall cases and all other types of personal injury actions, as well as deliberate acts which injure others. Significant recoveries have been obtained in a broad variety of cases. We have recouped millions of dollars for clients, in cases ranging from infant injuries to severe auto accidents, falls from heights, to slip on snow, and most types of personal injury cases. The firm is committed to your cause in personal injury cases.


The firm ardently defends those accused of criminal offenses including all major felonies, misdemeanors, and violations. The firm works in federal and state courts, and in Family court for children who are accused of offenses. Significant cases include Harris, the defense of a famous fugitive from an Alabama chain gang: People v. Li, a street gang extortion case; the defense of a federal tax protestor; In Re Beck, defense in a white-collar fraud case involving millions of dollars; People v. Pulinario, a noteworthy case where a woman was raped and then charged with the murder of the rapist; People v. Corso, a major international narcotics sale case, People v. Russo, a double homicide; People v. Batts. a famous case where a client with AIDS was given his liberty; People v. Bozart, et al., a major alleged organized crime case known as the "Sopranos" case; the Ocean Beach police brutality case; the Robinson double homicide case; the Long Island Serial Killer case ( representing victims) and People v. Sarra Gilbert; a matricide case; People v. Bennett, a well-known case where we successfully defended a man falsely accused of rape.


The firm has a strong practice in this area. It provides counsel for divorce and separation, and in all Family court and matrimonial court matters, including custody, visitation, support, maintenance, abuse and neglect, orders of protection, juvenile delinquency, PINS petitions and adoptions. It has litigated thousands of cases in this area, including the noteworthy case of Katrina, which set a standard as to child abuse proceedings; and Kaplan v. Chamberlain, the internationally famous surrogate parent case wherein the firm successfully represented the father in obtaining custody of the child. I successfully represented the former Miss Norway in recovering millions of dollars against a well-funded spouse in Manhattan.


The firm has a substantial practice in contested and uncontested probate proceedings. It prepares Wills and Trusts, and counsels as to all aspects of estate planning, guardianship and accountings. It represents moderate and large estates. In the Matter of Klein, I recovered huge estate assets from a bank for a decedent murdered by a Russian surgeon. In Eriksen, I represented an infant who was cheated out of $2 million by her grandfather and his attorney.


Extensive litigation in all aspects of these areas is creatively pursued by the firm: civil rights violations, sex discrimination, employment discrimination, racial discrimination, due process violations, privacy invasions, false arrest, defamation, freedom of the press, and other related areas. Noteworthy cases include Levy v. The Statesman (defamation) and Dooley v. Newsday, precedent-setting cases in which the firm sought and achieved limits upon the privileges of the press; Doe v. Cooper and Lybrand, and Doe v. N.Y. Telephone, cases in which the firm successfully represented employees who alleged discrimination and/or breach of contract; Doe v. LIRR and Perci v. The Record, cases in which the firm successfully defended management against discrimination claims. In the famous Olsen case, the firm won a significant victory against the United State Post Office in a disability discrimination suit. We also won the first successful reverse discrimination case in the United States, Hiller, et al. v. Suffolk County Police Department, a case wherein five white police candidates proved that an affirmative action program racially discriminated against them. I also represented the Orrs, an African - American family who successfully pursued their rights against a public school, a nationally- known case. I am the attorney for the beachgoers in a civil rights/defamation/ assault case against Cardi B and her sister Hennessy Carolina.


Services are expeditiously provided in all real estate transactions and landlord/ tenant matters, including purchase and sale of property, lease drafting, evictions, breach of warranty, subdivision of land, easements, boundary disputes, zoning matters, and liens.


A full range of services are provided for businesses, including incorporation, litigation, collections, purchase and sale of businesses, partnership agreements, contract and lease preparation and negotiation, employment problems, and governmental issues. The firm aggressively litigates commercial matters in all courts, state and federal. Significant cases include Beneficial Bank v. Becker Trust, et al., a federal trial in Virginia's federal Eastern District Court and Angst v. Basile, a suit involving a North Carolina shopping center and the John McNamara empire in a contract action in New York, as well as Professional Retail Services v. Resicom, a federal multimillion dollar " unjust enrichment" case in Chicago, Illinois. The firm has represented a broad range of businesses, including realty investment companies, overseas investors, advertising agencies, publishers, local and international construction companies, lumber malls, auto dealerships and wholesalers, various retailers and contractors.


John Ray and Associates has solid experience in representing clients before governmental bodies, agencies and municipalities. Its work includes administrative agency hearings of all types, lawsuits against governmental authorities, zoning and variance applications, and representation at public hearings. In Dooley v. Suffolk County, I successfully represented the Suffolk County Sheriff against the county in a nationally publicized case, and I successfully represented a U.S.Marine in a Notre Dame, Indiana ROTC Court Martial. He became an Iraq war hero.


The firm has extensive experience in this area, including special education proceedings (CSE), student and teacher disciplinary ( 3020 - a hearings)          proceedings and student and teacher rights cases. In a highly publicized case in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I successfully compelled Duquesne University's prestigious law school to reinstate a law student wrongfully accused of misconduct and won against the school's appeal in Pennsylvania's highest court.


  My firm is committed to:

Promptly returning your telephone calls;

Appointments convenient to you;

Detailed, careful responses to your questions;


Personal attention to your needs;

Dignified, professional representation;

Careful preparation of documents;

Reasonable cost for services;

Contingency retainers in certain cases



   5 East 22nd Street 17th floor

   New York, New York 10010


   122 N. Country Road

   Miller Place, N.Y. 11764










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